segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

[Notícia] AMD introduz Opteron de seis núcleos

Nova geração da AMD promete ganhos de até 34% por watt sobre a geração anterior. O lançamento está previsto para a segunda metade deste ano. The Tech Report
AUSTIN, TEXAS — With Intel's Nehalem-based Xeons gathering like a storm on the horizon, AMD today gave the first working demonstration of its potential counterpunch: a six-core Opteron processor code-named "Istanbul." Istanbul is a fairly straightforward upgrade over current 'Shanghai' Opterons: a 45nm processor with 6MB of L3 cache that fits into a Socket F-style motherboards, only with six cores rather than four. As a result, the upcoming Istanbul-based Opterons will serve as drop-in upgrades for existing Socket F systems. The chips will take advantage of the same 2P, 4P, and 8P infrastructure as today's Opterons, with HyperTransport and two channels of DDR2 memory per socket.
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